One of the most relaxing rooms at Narrogin Valley Stockfeed is our “Fish Room” with over 20 tanks full of cold water and tropical varieties of fish.

There is always a range of cold water fish from fantails to Blackmore’s, Comets and Subunkin’s for either outdoor ponds or inside fish bowls and aquariums. We also have axolotls and have been known to stock magnificent blue marron.

Our range of tropical fish is second to none in the Upper Great Southern. Ranging from Neon Tetras to guppy’s, sharks, cichlids, Angel fish, Platty’s, Molly’s, and a variety of Barbs, Tetras and sucker fish. If you are after something more exotic just ask as we have access to over 5 x A4 pages of fish varieties in a range of sizes and prices to suit all tanks and budgets.

We also stock a large range of tank ornaments, gravels, filters of all shapes and sizes, heaters, air line and joiners, air pumps and so much more.

The range of foods, tonics and water purifies is immense so we are bound to have what you require.

We are more than happy to research new products should you require something we don’t have so please ask our very helpful and knowledgeable staff.