Blue Metal
                            Muja Black
                         Yellow Sand          
                      Blue Metal Finds

                     Jarrah Firewood


Soil Conditioner

Composted chicken manure & sawdust blended together with Peat.Add to existing poor quality soil as an additional source of organics for conversion to premuim lawn and garden growing mediums. Spread 50mm of soil conditioner over your garden the mix in to your soil

Lawn Mix
yellow sand,spearwood red loam and soil conditioner designed specifically for top dressing.

Garden mix
composted chicken manure .crushed and graded pine bark and mill waste,blended with Peat and top soil.
This mix is formulated for the home garden,suitable for general purpose planting.

Potting Mix
Composted screened pine bark,NPK Fertilizers,trace elements and wetting agent.PH adjusted to between 5.4 & 6.5
Composetd Pine bark was chosen because of the qualities for decreasing risk of disease and for the drainage characteristics

                               Lawn Mix
                        Kimberley Red   
                           Garden Mix


Karri & Peat Mulch
Crushed Jarrah & karri bark,blended with Peat .This mulch is a popular mulch for every garden

Colour Mulch
Crushed bark & wood waste are blended & then coloured.The colorants used are highly resistant to UV fading and do not wash off in the elements


Mulching is carried out primarily to retain moisture in your garden.This in turn encourages strong & healthy growth in your garden.Your choice od mulch will depend on your need i.e sunny or shaded position,strength of winds and personal to colour & texture.

Mulch should be applied 75 to 90 mm thick to avoid mulching close to plant stem or trunk of your plant.

Calculating volumes of mulch is easy. Measure length, width,depth & multiply 

example : 3m x 4m x 50mm = 6 cubic metres


We do offer delivery, price varies on location

Garden Soils contain micro-organisms that may be harmful to your health. Always wear gloves, keep damp while in use, avoid inhaling the mix and wash your hands after use.




                          White Sand   
                               Vege Mix